Bristol Research: the Digital Fireside Talks

In my role as Pro Vice-Chancellor (Health and Life Sciences), I’ve been paying very close attention to the University’s research response to COVID-19.

To say I’ve been inspired by what I’ve seen in recent weeks would be an understatement. We can all be proud of Bristol research and the University’s contribution to the global effort to understand and combat COVID-19. From collaborating on one of only four global candidate vaccine trials, to research aimed at supporting the most vulnerable during social distancing – the scale, speed and scope of our coronavirus-related research activity has been nothing short of incredible.

I wanted to find a way of shining a light on some of this fantastic work. That’s why we’ve launched ‘Bristol Research: the Digital Fireside Talks’ – a new series of short video conversations where, over the next few weeks, I’ll be speaking to some of our research leaders about their response to COVID-19.

In this first episode, “Test, Test, Test”, I was delighted to be joined by Adam Finn – Professor of Paediatrics, director of the Bristol Children’s Vaccine Centre and chair of the World Health Organisation’s European Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation. Most recently, Adam took on the role of leading Bristol UNCOVER – a group researchers united in their efforts to understand and combat the many health and societal challenges raised by COVID-19.

Adam talks about the origins and work of UNCOVER and his own research into testing for COVID-19.

I hope you find the conversation interesting, and my thanks to Adam for taking time out from his hectic schedule to take part.

Episode 1: “Test, Test, Test

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