Rewarding excellence and tackling gender equality

By Professor Judith Squires, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost

I was delighted to co-host an event last month alongside the Vice-Chancellor to celebrate the recent promotion of new Professors within the University.  A full list of those promoted to Professor and Associate Professor, formerly known as Reader, appear at the end of this post: congratulations to all who have achieved these much-deserved promotions. 

Celebratory event for newly promoted professors hosted by Vice-Chancellor Hugh Brady and Provost Judith Squires on 24 September 2019 at Royal Fort House.

I was also pleased to note that of this year’s cohort of 45 new professors, 58% are women. This promotion round has increased the proportion of female professors to 28.5%. This exceeds the target we set ourselves three years ago in the University Strategy, which was to reach 28% by 2019. In addition, modelling of our current population data suggests that we are on track to meet our longer-term target of 33% by 2023. As a result of numerous local and central initiatives over the last five years, our female professor population has increased by 11.4%. These initiatives include measures which encourage and enable flexible working in successful academic careers, recognise performance in a wider academic framework to include leadership and citizenship, and offer more support for promotion and career planning.  

I am also hugely heartened by the reduction of the professorial gender pay gap. Our professorial mean gender pay gap (base pay and supplements) reduced from 7.5% last year to 6.7% this year. This is a welcome reduction, reflecting the fact that more women are joining the professoriate, and we have an increasing number of women progressing through professorial ranges 2 and 3. Indeed the mean pay gap in range 2 (which is where 48% of all professors are located) is now in women’s favour. We will continue to monitor our practices and introduce new initiatives, where needed, to meet our target of a maximum professorial gender pay gap of 3% by 2023. We have also seen a reduction in our organisational gender pay gapreflecting the fact that more women are progressing into senior roles.  

There has also been real progress in relation to our support for women’s career development. I was proud to launch the Women’s Mentoring Network last academic year and delighted with the positive uptake and engagement with this scheme, which is supporting 121 mentees (46 of whom are academic) at grades K and L. The mid-programme review of the scheme suggests that the one-to-one mentoring is proving to be particularly effective. We will seek to build on this in future years. Another welcome development is the introduction of the Female Leadership Initiative (FLi), which sits alongside the existing Aurora programme, and has had 22 participants to date. Feedback has been very positive and so we will run it again this year. 

Congratulations again to all the newly appointed professors, and thanks to everyone who has engaged in the various initiatives underway to tackle gender equality. I look forward to continuing with this important work.  

The following were promoted to Professor with effect from 1 August 2019:

Faculty of Arts
Marianne Ailes Professor of French
Kirsten Cater


Professor of Human Computer Interaction and Entrepreneurship & Innovation Pedagogy
Michael Ellison Professor of Composition
Mhairi Gibson Professor of Anthropology
Ruth Glynn Professor of Modern Italian Culture
Madhu Krishnan Professor of African, World and Comparative Literatures
Ulrika Maude Professor of Modern Literature
Elaine McGirr Professor of Eighteenth-Century Studies
Dorothy Price Professor of History of Art
Leah Tether Professor of Medieval Literature and Publishing
Beth Williamson Professor of Medieval Culture
Faculty of Engineering
Mahdi Azarpeyvand Professor of Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics
Andrew Calway Professor of Computer Vision
Nathan Lepora Professor of Robotics and AI
John Macdonald Professor of Structural Dynamics
Valeska Ting Professor of Smart Nanomaterials
Faculty of Health Sciences
Kathleen Gillespie Professor of Molecular Medicine
David Kessler Professor of Primary Care
Simon Satchell Professor of Renal and Vascular Medicine
Athene Lane Professor of Trials Research
Sheena Warman Professor of Veterinary Education
Faculty of Life Sciences
Jonathan Hanley Professor of Molecular Neuroscience
Claire Haworth Professor of Behavioural Genetics
Ute Leonards Professor of Neuropsychology
Ruth Massey Professor of Microbial Pathogenicity
Adam Perriman Professor of Bioengineering
Martin Bunnage Honorary Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology
Faculty of Science
Juliet Biggs Professor of Earth Sciences
Tamara Grava Professor of Mathematical Physics
Julie MacLeavy Professor of Economic Geography
James Wookey Professor of Geophysics
Andrew Booker Professor of Pure Mathematics
Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
Diego Acosta Arcarazo Professor of European and Migration Law
Sarah Ayres Professor of Public Policy and Governance
Katharine Charsley Professor of Migration Studies
Francesco Giovannoni Professor of Economics
Paula Hill Professor of Finance and Accounting
Gregory Jolivet Professor of Economics
Ana E Juncos Garcia Professor of European Politics
George Leckie Professor of Social Statistics
Lee Marshall Professor of Sociology
Therese O’Toole Professor of Sociology
Albert Sanchez Graells Professor of Economic Law
Evarist Stoja Professor of Finance
Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder Professor of Economics
Guoxing Yu Professor of Language Assessment


The following were promoted to Associate Professor with effect from 1 August 2019:

Faculty of Arts
Bradley Stephens Associate Professor in French Literature
Faculty of Engineering
Krishna Coimbatore Balram Associate Professor in Photonic Quantum Engineering
James Norman Associate Professor in Sustainable Design
Faculty of Health Sciences
Umberto Benedetto Associate Professor in Cardiac Surgery
Liz Coulthard Associate Professor in Dementia Neurology
Paddy Horner Associate Professor in Sexually Transmitted Infections
Jeremy Horwood Associate Professor in Social Sciences and Health
Richard Lee Associate Professor in Ophthalmology
Penny Whiting Associate Professor in Clinical Epidemiology
Graham Stuart Honorary Associate Professor in Sports and Exercise Cardiology
Faculty of Life Sciences
Christos Ioannou Associate Professor in Behavioural Ecology
Faculty of Science
Anthony Laing Associate Professor in Physics
Tom Oliver Royal Society University Research Fellow and Associate Professor in Chemistry
Nick Whiteley Associate Professor in Statistics
John Russo Associate Professor in Mathematics
Faculty of Social Sciences and Law
Vanessa Beck Associate Professor in Work and Organisation
Shelley McKeown Jones Associate Professor in Social Psychology
Julia Paulson Associate Professor in Education, Peace and Conflict
Sheena Vachhani Associate Professor in Work and Organisation Studies
Liz Washbrook Associate Professor in Quantitative Methods
Imogen Moore Associate Professor in Law


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